Why would I switch to the U-Fillem brand?

U-Fillem offers a whole-new way to buy fuel and brand your store and/or retail outlet. U-Fillem representatives shop the fuel market for you and we buy the same quality grades you’d buy. However, since we have the ability to shop the “open” market, our buying power provides you with the best possible fuel at the best possible price. We pass the savings to you and you to your customers, if you choose.

If that’s not convincing enough, we also offer:

   •   Sharp, attention-grabbing graphics: Our market research shows that U-Fillem’s blue and gold logo creates friendly curb appeal and portrays cleanliness.

   •   A trusted partnership: With us working “for you,” you’ll regain valuable time once wasted shopping the commodity market yourself. You can use that re-captured time to do what you do best—managing your customer base.


Why would my customers care what brand is on my canopy?

We’ve spent two generations building a reputation of trust and honesty. Our current customers are a testimonial to our commitment to help them succeed. The U-Fillem brand is becoming well recognized in our home state of Nebraska and we’d like to continue our growth with upcoming independent gas stations and convenient store chains.

In other words, backing your store with the U-Fillem brand puts you in a better position to succeed.


How much would the conversion cost me? Could I continue to use my current brand/image?

Costs vary from site-to-site and are influenced by what branding you currently have. If you are interested in becoming a part of the U-Fillem family, we will happily put together a plan with estimated costs. You can continue to use your business name and co-brand with U-Fillem.

If your business is well-established, this will let your customers know they are still doing business with you while the U-Fillem branded pumps will tell them they are getting the best quality and best possible price on fuel.


What is your billing cycle and terms?

The short answer: Our billing cycle is Net 10 Days. While that may seem like a short timeframe, it’s advantageous to you. Net 10 keeps our costs down, by helping us deliver fuel more efficiently so we can remain super-competitive with our pricing. It’s also a welcome relief knowing you won’t have to scramble to find a checkbook when you see our fuel truck pull up.


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